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Ensuring Child Safety From Internet Harm.
With the growth of technology today many children are exposed to its use. With the amount of knowledge that the children have learned it is easier for them to access the internet. So many children are exposed to a variety of dangers when using this technology
CHildren should be protected when accessing the internet since there are many dangers lurking. Many children are prone to getting sexually harassed online by people with the aim of harming them.
Parents are able to protect their children from these online stalkers. There are guides that help the parents to ensure their children’s safety at all times whenever they are using the internet.

Take note of what your child is doing on the internet.
There is no way any parent would allow their child to come to danger while using the internet. Parents must be in the front line so that their children are protected from the dangers of the internet.
Talk to your child and ensure they are well aware of the lurking dangers. Let your child know that there are dangerous people on the internet and be open during the discussion. Tell them that they should inform you if someone tries to make contact with them through the Internet.
Rules set will guide the children when they are using the internet. Your child should have a list of websites that they are to access. a The children should ask for permission from their parents to talk to anyone via the internet.
The child should know that they are not allowed to share out their personal information with anyone.
Ensure as a parent you are well aware of what your children are doing online. Be in control and protect your child by checking the history of what they are viewing. Let your child know that the rules tell them to use the devices in the open area.

As the parent make sure you are in control of the internet. Parental controls you set are done according to age appropriateness . If the child is responsible and grown they are allowed to access some of the sites.
Be keen and observe changes that can tell that your child is engaging in internet dangers. If your child has started to spend odd hours online make sure you are aware of what they are doing. THere are many stalkers online that can try to contact your child online make sure you are aware and keep them safe.
Online Safety, while they are on the web, Is Important. Parents should rely on the right strategies to endure a safe environment on the internet. The guides ensure that the little ones are safe at all times.

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